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Wow just wow1 star

It really just I’m speechless I hate it15


Was useless to me2 star

I tried this. All I ever received is books I already had. Was not any good to me.25


Sorry1 star

If I were you I would make a book not a website it looks and sound good but maybe it should be well an actual book 🥳🤔15


It’s okay... but could be better1 star

This allows you to get to a link that gives you free books but needs to be way longer.just saying!😂😂😂👉😐😐😐👉😶😶😶 I am just really saying...15

harsh cridic

Okay.2 star

Not to exiting to me sorry for the 2😬.Just not good enough.25

z vitus

No content1 star

There were no content and ending and also please add more15


What1 star

It sucked you should die15

T. Burger

Horrible1 star

It’s only three pages long.Do not read this I shouldn’t even say book.15

awesome steve!!!

Books1 star

Make your books longer15


It was bad1 star

There should honestly be a zero15

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