Hamlet Summary

The ghost of the recently deceased king of Denmark appears on the walls of Elsinore Castle, crying out for vengeance against his brother and murderer, the recently crowned king Claudius. But Prince Hamlet cannot be certain of his own reality. Did he really see a ghost? Is the vengeance his father demands just? Can he murder his own uncle to appease his father? The more Hamlet broods and schemes, a shadow over Elsinore is growing ever darker, until a case of mistaken identity leaves an innocent bystander murdered. Then the entire court descends into a spiral of madness, chaos, bloodshed, and suffering. Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is a bone-chilling examination of justice, revenge, and inaction.

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I edewrdr4 star

I think usww se45


Glitch1 star

The words and letters glitch and are layered on top of each other on iPhone.15

Booksaremylife 7

Words overlap1 star

The names overlap the other words making it very difficult to read15

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Did uyY3 star

JDo has a them z uphold y you hhjxc and IhjyRUJE35

Smegmanaurus Rex

Overlapping Words Solution5 star

Turn the device. The Words do not overlap in landscape mode.55


Hamlet5 star

A very classic tale that anyone could read and enjoy. Very satisfying ending.55


Great work!5 star

Loved reading this in English class, great book!55


Overlapping1 star

The words overlap, make it largely unreadable. No point in downloading.15


Why only 3 stars...3 star

The test is all original and the pages are easy to follow, however there is not a side by side translation or word definitions and there is no line numbers. For that, 3 stars is reasonable, almost four stars since it is free.35

Lewi 74

Double type1 star

Also 1/2 the letters are bold. Both mostly on the speaker. Makes hard to read. Deleted and got another instead.15

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