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The 2013 edition of the Holy Bible contains all of the study aids contained in the 1979 edition and includes revisions to the study aids, several new photos, updated maps, and adjustments to the chapter headings. The style and format of titles, tables of contents, abbreviations pages, the Topical Guide, and the Bible Dictionary have been standardized to improve the reader’s experience; however, the adjustments have not been so extensive as to require members to purchase the new edition to stay current with either the Church curriculum or personal study.

Book Reviews


Must read read fire book5 star

Although some characters got killed off to early in think it adds to the story must read. I just wish noah got more character development\:55


🪬5 star


warrior cats fan🐈

The Bible5 star

The Bible is NOT nonsense. Everything is true. Also I very strongly disagree with you about saying satan is the best character. satan is a liar. Jesus died on the cross for OUR sins! That’s how much he loves us! If he hadn’t died for us, it would be us in his place. He gave us a chance and it’s your choice whether you want to live for God or satan. If you read this book, it has some very good life lessons and words of guidance. Right now, America needs Jesus and the Bible. Also, Remember that God loves you55


Got it back home safe5 star

Not good at night when we55


It’s the Bible5 star

How else am I supposed to rate it55


Inappropriate1 star

How can a Mormon version to be on the top of the list when I search for Bible? Is it just because it’s free?15


Free thank you5 star

This is a wonderful free version of the king James version of the Bible. The cross references and indexes at the back of the book are also in valuable.55


Great book5 star

This book is FIRE 🙏🏾 a must read 💯55


Mid2 star

Noah need more character development. The birth of Jesus was too lengthy and overplayed. Adam was goated, shame he got killed off so early. 4/10 would not recommend 😴😴25


Bizzare5 star

Funny how scoundrels flock to spit on what others find most pure. Hurt by men who claimed that very purity, let spite take over and have a temper tantrum, spraying their negative emotions around blindly in the hopes snuff out a light of smoke as they wither away into their own delusions of what does or doesn’t matter55

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