Hometown Calling

Hometown Calling Summary

"Little sister don't you do what your big sister does…"

HIM:It's my best friend's wedding, and I'm more than happy to be a groomsman. The only thing is, my best friend is the bride. And we used to be more than friends. The groom isn't exactly stoked to have me there, either, so the deck is already stacked against me. And that's before I see that her little sister has grown up and become a knockout. She's forbidden. So why can't I stop myself?

HER: He never spared me a glance in high school. He keeps telling me all the reasons why we shouldn't, but I'd like nothing better than showing him exactly why we should. I know I can't have him, so why do I want him so bad?

My Best Friend's Sister

Book 1 – Hometown Calling

Book 2 – A Perfect Moment

Book 3 – Thrown in Together

Book Reviews

Kelechi O.

Hate narration style1 star

I hate the narration15


Terrible1 star

Not worth the time.15


My Best Friends Sister2 star

Language Turn off, just as the story was getting interesting. If you’re not educated enough to fill in good adjectives, don’t write the book25

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My Best Friend’s Sister2 star

I enjoyed the book but I hate the books and authors that won’t finish a story! I feel like you leave us hanging so we will have to buy the next book. I forgot this author does this all the time! No more Lexy Timms25


No1 star

No good next please. Not a lexy timms fan15

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