How to Change the Way You Think

How to Change the Way You Think Summary

A formula for positive thinking, enabling the reader to effect a change in his or her life for the better.

The world that you create begins with your thoughts. This book is meant to help you transform the way you think about yourself, about others, and about the situations that you are facing in your life today.

Book Reviews

Kael F.

Very inspiring read5 star

Amazing book. Happened to run across this one while searching for some self-help books in the free book section and really guide my daily life through it. This book is suited for people who already have momentum trying to make their life more meaningful or lively because there are steps mentioned that one can use in a practical routine. I’d recommend this book to those who are willing, eager and motivated for change. Best of luck !55


CHANGE5 star

It makes me real and realized that all people came through from all these difficulties.55


Great book5 star

Love your ideas of looking at things and it’s crazy how much we have in common growing up with messed up parents.. a lot alike.55


Hope5 star

Now i can get how does it feel to have enjoyable experience about everything55


Great5 star

Wonderful book.55

B. Kriet

Plentiful & excellent5 star

Numerous, positive ideas contained in order to help bring about one’s best life and virtually all are great. I’ve already been in good practice of applying some to my own life prior to reading this book but now having more to embrace, as well as revisiting some of the more familiar topics, makes me hopeful that I can continue making & finding positivity at an exponential rate in my life. This book does not do it all for someone, however; you must see the value in what’s contained and carry it over in your life that you’re choosing to live.55


Not very deep2 star

More about surficial happiness than true deep happiness with oneself. Money is not true happiness.25

Kenebe eb

Great Read!5 star

Not much of a reader myself, however I did enjoy this book and definitely gave me the push I needed! Thank you!55


Mental health5 star

I love the book it helps if you are going through any-type of mental depression .55

Ju Juuuuuuuuuuuu

Great5 star

Great read really helped me out55

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