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Just, 20% of the words in a language make up to 80% of the conversations we face in our daily life. You'll have a solid base and the ability to keep improving and developing yourself. This method is suitable for everyone from frequent travelers to first timers, as well as language students and enthusiasts. 'Let's Talk Arabic' is the faster and easier way to learn this language as it is:

* 15 step-by-step lessons
* Practical vocabulary and authentic everyday usage
* Simple explanations and plenty of examples and exercises
* Supported by Pictures, two colors texts
* A grammar reference sections
An effective guide teaches you everything you need to know about Arabic culture.

There are simple step-by-step explanations, plenty of practice talking exercises. No previous knowledge of Arabic is assumed. - The book teaches the basics of Modern Standard Arabic using a simple and effective building-block method which is proven, simple, solid and reliable, as it has been successful for few years!

- The book includes everything you need for the Beginner's level- vocabulary, grammar, culture, and practice, and English - Arabic - English dictionary. This book will teach you the basics of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the modernization of the Classical Arabic structures, as well as additions from the main dialects spoken all over the Arab world. - The book is supported by audio lessons, facebook page, and website.

Book Reviews

haroon kassem

l give 3 stars3 star

Because it is so hard understand that So hard for me l don’t like that book sorry35


I would give this 0 STARS ⭐️1 star

This book is stupid I was sampling and I barely got any Arabic what if I couldn’t publish the book and was going to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦this ya pointless I would be better of with Siri/google15


Egypt5 star

Very good55


Kayla1 star

This book had a lot of potential, chapter one was great. After that, it was all downhill. Chapters were getting skimpier and skimpier, until they just didn't even have any content anymore.15

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