How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business Summary

Ready to start a business, but don't know where to begin? Let Jason Nazar, a CEO who grew his small startup into a profitable company with almost 50 employees, walk you through building a business, from A to Z. This comprehensive and colorful book is the only eBook out there that goes through EVERYTHING you need to know, and lays out the information to so its simple, fun to read and easy to understand. Evaluate your business idea, pitch to investors, build a product, hire your first employees, attract excellent board members, monetize your product, track your revenue, market on a budget, get customers and keep them! No matter what your business idea, this book will turn your concept into a reality.

Book Reviews

Asadullah Baloch

🤍5 star


God’s Plan

Wonderful thank you5 star

You are so kind to share these valuable experiences and insights. You’re the MVP55


Great Book5 star

I highly recommend to everyone who is looking in to started a business. It is short and straight to the point.55


Great Value for a free book5 star

Great value and basic knowledge to stair you up as an entrepreneur especially for a free book. Thank you author.55


I enjoyed it5 star

There's a lot of jews inside55


Below the basics1 star

This is a VERY basic overview on how to start your own business. The book is filled with links to their business- Docstoc (links do not open unless you join their monthly service) I was happy it was a free download because if I had paid for this I would have felt very much ripped off! NOT IMPRESSED!15


Enlightening4 star

Very informative and to the point. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in starting a business. It’s a good read.45


Incredible book !5 star

My knowledge on startup is zero. But this book introduced me in detail55


An AWESOME book to get started5 star

I am a business owner and I would like to say that this was an amazing book! I loved it! The author was able to connect with me on all levels. It was a book that I feel anyone could understand and gain from. He did an awesome job in covering all steps of business and providing concise definitions and concepts that were simple to understand. The book was written well and transitioned greatly! Read it!55

Ciel Ciel Phantomhive

Pretty Great for a Free Book4 star

It provides a lot of resources and it covers how to fund your business. Has a lot of great chapters. I’d recommend for sure! Only thing is they don’t have examples of successful entrepreneurs in the book.45

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