How to Succeed In Real Estate…

How to Succeed In Real Estate… Summary

How to Succeed in Real Estate…from the people in trenches who do it everyday is written for those thinking about a career in real estate brokerage community who wish to further develop themselves so they might stand out among other real estate agents.
 Success is available to those who are willing to examine their own relationship with themselves and willing to change or reframe their thinking so they might both see  and seize the opportunities that exist at all times, especially in times like the present when so many can't seem to see the real opportunities that abound.

Book Reviews


Not the best book on real estate.2 star

Insightful book however it is boring and poorly written.25


Get motivated!5 star

This book covers all the different areas of the real estate market from different real estate agents point of view, Sharing the different style of work,attitude and goals!55


Max Marsico4 star

For me being a sixteen year old kid, I'm trying my best to learn as much as I can about this industry because I have such a passion for it. Though this book is based in Modesto California, and I live in Chicago, it still has great benefits and I truly learned a lot behalf of all the brokers45


Very Informative!5 star

This book consists of interviews with PMZ Realty's very own in agents. Mike is very informative and organized in his mapping out the habits that his employees made to achieve the most out of their careers. From how to set goals and deal with finances and giving, this book is an excellent guide for experienced, as well as upcoming, real estate agents. This book is hard to set down because it is full of numerous success stories as well as tips to achieve such success. I definitely recommend this book to all who are in real estate!55

Karlie B.

A insightful and inspiring book for all real estate agents!5 star

A truly inspiring book for anyone in the industry. Mike Zagaris' words of wisdom hit home and made me want to go above and beyond in my career. The personal stories from other agents reveal there are multiple paths to success in the real estate industry.55

Pablo William

New Years 2013 perspective5 star

This book is a must read! Unlike most real estate and business books that I have read that just speak to the mechanics of how to be successful, this book goes much deeper. By speaking about "Your Big Why" in the book Mike Zagaris (Author) perspective helps you break down "WHY" you want to be successful in your respected industry. I have found that this thought process is not only refreshing but ultimately much more motivating and sustainable for myself.55

Libby L

A must-read for anybody in any industry5 star

I love books that help me figure out how to achieve my goals. Even more importantly, I relish reading the stories of real people that have practiced specific methods for attaining success. I highly recommend this book as a must-read for ANYBODY in any industry. A truly captivating and practical, prescriptive book that gives you not only the high-level vision for setting goals, but the toolkit for achieving them.55

Silent toady

A wonderful story of excellence in real estate!5 star

Mike Zagaris continues to teach and promote excellence for those in the real estate community. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to take their real estate career to the next level. A story of professionalism and how to serve your clients. Steve Hernand Broker / Owner of Integrity Real Estate Servicesi55

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