Introduction to Statistics: An Interactive e-Book

Introduction to Statistics: An Interactive e-Book Summary

Introductory Statistics covers major topics in statistics including descriptive statistics, probability, confidence intervals, t-tests, statistical graphs, power, complex ANOVA designs, and multiple regression in an easy-to-understand non-mathematical manner. Features include interactive self-testing exercises, an extensive glossary (with links from the text), and the option to view video presentations. Statistical concepts are explained using examples from real research. A statistical literacy section is included in each chapter. This book is designed for introductory college and AP statistics courses and has been approved by the American Institute of Mathematics.

Book Reviews


Thank you!5 star

Thank you for putting in effort and providing free quality content that helps many get familiar with a complex topic, such as statistics.55


Grateful Prof.5 star

I am so indebted to the author, David Lane, for putting this ebook accessible to anybody, students as well as teachers. He produced a book that makes any teacher’s life better in organizing the lessons, delivering the activities in class; thus making students’ learn more and be productive in the future. More power to you!55


Amazing book!5 star

This is an absolute treasure for introducing stats!55

Outstanding vetted resource5 star

Appreciate the author and contributors that have put together this comprehensive book. Very well done!! Easy to read for the nascent and especially well-suited as a primer to those seeking to advance their academic studies.55

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Very informative book5 star

Very informative book55


Awesome ebook5 star

I am going to use this book for a statistics course I am teaching. Looking through it, it is an amazing book. Thanks, David, for this FREE resource that is as good, if not better, than traditional textbooks.55


Wonderful Interactive Stats Book!5 star

We have been using the online Introduction to Statistics text for six weeks now, and I can say without hestitation that it is the best, most interactive introduction to statistics books that I have read and used to date. We are using it in our weekly statistics sessions and for home-study, and the comments have been very favorable. The videos help to reinforce the concepts, and the self-study quizzes help confirm or refute the belief of solid understand.55


Excellent for self-study5 star

I used this book extensively while I was studying to pass the statistics entrance exam for a data science course, and I found it very helpful - the chapters are short and easy to digest, with at least a couple of worked examples on each subject. The online calculators are also very useful. This wasn’t the only free online resource I used, but it was one of the best general introductions to the subject I found - highly recommended.55


Intro to stats5 star

This e-book is a comprehensive introduction to statistics written an a narrative style easily accessible to most terrified beginning statistics students. The interactive components will be very attractive and helpful to my students. One of the best introductory statistics text I have reviewed to date.55


Very useful5 star

This is very useful. This is my first year teaching high school statistics. The students love the interactive calculators.55

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