Investing For Beginners

Investing For Beginners Summary

The Best Guide to Getting Started Investing You’ll Find Anywhere

What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

If you are like most Americans, you don’t know how you’re are going to retire. Pensions have almost completely disappeared and the financial future of Social Security has many worried. This book shows you how to take control of your own future by teaching you the fundamentals of investing.

Many people are afraid to put their hard earned money in the stock market because they don’t want to lose it all. This book shows you how to invest your money for growth instead of treating the stock market like a slot machine and just hoping to get lucky.

Inside the book you will discover:

The basics of what the stock market is and how it works

The differences between passive and active investing

The differences between stocks, bonds, and cash

All about mutual funds and other types of funds

What you need to know about the economy to make good investments

How to plan for retirement

All about risk

And Much More

This quick start guide will help you go from knowing very little about investing to being confident in starting your own investment in your retirement.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this book isn’t for you. But, if you want to learn about how to invest and the best ways to plan for your retirement, this book will start you on the path of taking control of your own future.

The sooner you get your copy, the sooner you can start your personal investment education. Don’t wait another second.

Book Reviews

Mike Deshawn

Knowledge5 star

This book gave me some great tips on investing, and set me up for success.55


Recommend5 star

Great info!55


Interesting and educational!!5 star

Great book that keeps you engaged and gives you a good idea on how to start investing properly and with your feet on the ground!!55

Joseph Graham Van Hoesen

All Inclusive4 star

This book helped me understand how much I do not know and how much I need to learn without flat telling me that I was under educated. The book also helped me realize the complexity of trading or having someone trade for you and all the factors I should look into before flaunting my money in to the easiest trade.45


Not a good book2 star

Wasn’t a good read for beginners. It had a lot of information but it was just words . Lots and lots of words. No examples to give you a better understanding .25


Very knowledgeable5 star

This book is a great cornerstone for anyone looking to get into investing! Straight to the point, and spoken in Regular everyday human terms. It’s a must read!55

Aj McNeal

Great intro to investing5 star

I’m new to learning about investing but this book gave great info about how to get started and things you need to know.55


Great book!5 star

I read a couple other beginner investing but his one went even further but still able to understand. I highly recommend this book even if you’ve already read a beginner investing book.55


Good4 star

Indeed, as the title of the book is saying this book is addressed to beginners. I expected to see examples of companies (names) in which to invest. In the end of the book the author listed some ETFs. Overall, great book if you want to learn or if you want to search for something.45

AJES Solutions

Fast Food of Investment Knowledge5 star

Accounting is the language of business. The reading provides information on various accounting principles including the different financial sheets. Information is easy to read and comprehend; and would provide new or interested individuals a baseline of knowledge for investing; where, they may be excited to learn more.55

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