Invisible Prisons of the Human Mind

Invisible Prisons of the Human Mind Summary

Why do people behave the way they do? What are the factors which influence the behaviour of humans? What is the role of the Spirit, the Soul, The Mind and the Consciousness in what is commonly known as human character or personality? How is human behaviour controlled so that it remains within acceptable limits? Is freedom of expression compromised by false data and invalid standards? What factors are responsible for the exhibition of extreme types of behaviour? What is the role of malevolent indoctrination or propaganda in the exhibition of such extreme behaviour? How does one safeguard the purity of one’s Mind and how does one publicly project the best possible personality?
Questions, such as those above and many others similar to them, are answered in a simple yet factual manner. The structure and processes involved in the determination of one’s behaviour are explained in detail and the explanation is accompanied by many relevant examples. One is given in detail the methods in order to ensure that one evaluates all critical standards and references used in one’s behaviour control mechanism; one is also given the basis upon which one may develop the skills required in order to pre-empt other peoples’ response or reaction to a particular situation. This fact provides one with an advantage against other people in almost all areas of human activity. Understanding what is hidden behind the façade presented by an individual or group of individuals, enables one to select the most effective method of communicating or interacting with them. But one of the greatest benefits in acquiring these skills is that one may use them in designing, for oneself, the best possible control mechanism consisting of high value standards and therefore achieving what is commonly referred to, as self-development or self-improvement.

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