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Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Bonnie Prancer

iPad Review5 star

Infinite information on using an iPad. Makes a meaningful application to using the iPad you have and the workings with other devices makes the iPad a satisfying and enjoyable investment.55

Super book boy

I am not running iPad IOS 135 star

My iPad is currently running iOS 10 is there a user guide55

Hello there friend :)

Helpful and informative5 star

Tells you everything I need to know about iPad, whether beginner or expert.55


Printing1 star

Why can’t you print or save as pdf for hospital storage of documents?!15


iPad Index5 star

For those of you complaining about the lack of an index in the guide. In the guide, touch the very top of the screen above the text. A row of icons appear. Touch the hamburger icon. That's the one with three horizontal lines. Oh look, gasps in amazement .... it's the index. Wow ... if you don't know how to navigate around the books app, ask your local third grader.55


User guide costs money1 star



4 stars because I think it missed a step4 star

The section discussing screen recording states you can record the screen and sound. There was no sound, or how to ensure you heard what you recorded.45


Where is the manual?1 star

I can download a 46 page sample of the 400+ page manual. I can’t find anything but the sample. I can’t even find the manual to read online. Which would be useless without an internet connection, but better than nothing which is what I have now. I’m sorry, I have 46 pages. Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong, please. Where is the &$#@+%&$ manual? This is ridiculous.15


Table of contents and index are badly needed1 star

OK, so I downloaded it as I have so many times after each major upgrade. You would think by now that the people at Apple would realize what publishers and writers of technical manuals have known for so very long, that technical manuals need to have a way of finding subject matter in them. I bought my first iPad in 2011. I think I read more of the user guide that first year than any of the subsequent versions. Over the years the guide has grown a great deal. Its size makes difficult to use. One way to make it easier to use is to provide a way of finding something in the blasted thing. Get it? How about it Apple? Unbelievable.15

every thing is cool

Nothing5 star


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