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Dougie Ska

Totally Racist!1 star

This is totally racist I’m white and even I was offended. Can’t believe they allow this crap on the Apple bookstore.15


🤨1 star

Where are the jokes15


Horrible1 star

None of these jokes were even remotely funny and most didn’t even make sense. Sincerely, Joke writer.15

Rio please fix this thank you

Horrible1 star

No one laughed15


Really itching to read this book!!!😎5 star

This looks so FUNNY I just want to get it SOOOOOO bad!!!!!!55

Larissa's iPhone 6

This is why people commit suicide.1 star

The idea to make this book was probably a joke.15



this is just bad and, if you think of a better fish let minnow15

Sea creature223

Jokes for all occasions5 star

I love this book55


No stars1 star

It was bad it was more like a story book then a joke book.that was the worst jokes ever. Don't make another one15

Bella Lederman rocks!

I'm 81 star

When I got this book I thought it would be great....15

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