Leading a Relationship into the Light: simple but profound statements to renew relationships, free your mind, lighten the mood & warm your heart

Leading a Relationship into the Light: simple but profound statements to renew relationships, free your mind, lighten the mood & warm your heart Summary

A Message From The Author

Love is the most natural emotion of all.

I’m not here to fix you, give you advice or tell you what to do. I’ve compiled this mini book to benefit me! Reaffirming the essence of what a more unconditional love really feels like has enhanced my life incredibly, opened my heart wider than I ever thought possible and renewed every relationship I’ve ever had, especially the relationship I have with myself!

I found inner fulfilment beyond my wildest dreams. I now know a real, a lasting and a sustainable love. I didn’t have to carefully choose the right mate or change the one I had. I didn’t need my kids to behave or to get them to see things my way. I didn’t have to forgive my parents or wait until they treated me better. I didn’t need to do anything differently or to ask anyone else to agree with me. It was much easier than that …

“I just slightly changed my thoughts about what real love means!”

On the following pages are just a few simple words that when you read them, might soothe you into feeling a little bit better too, they might bring more clarity to your mind, they might open your heart wider and they just might take you even closer, to where you really want to go.


Book Reviews

phila den

Tsistiast5 star



luflufluhhxlh4 star



♥️🦋5 star

Thank you55

Lord Senju

Amazing !5 star

This is a really amazing read, I enjoyed reading each and every page. It’s a really good read.55


Great book3 star

Short and informative35

Dimon Hummingbird

New Perfective in life5 star

Reading this small book, is mind blowing. You would think to self love yourself and forgive yourself or the people around you, that you have to read a big book of rules to get where you want to be. Happy. The Truth is there’s not rule book to live or survive on earth. We all live our own world in different ways, and in the end she is right , at the end of the day we are all the same, plus we all want the same things. Happiness.55


Walk away with more love for yourself and others5 star

This short little book will make you change your way of thinking. You will see that YOU are all that you need and if you change your thinking, you will think more positive about the people around you! You will love others even more! I’ve always depended on my fiancé to show me that he loves me and I longed for his affection, but I don’t need it because I have myself! Thanks to the book, I will LOVE MYSELF MORE! *leann55


Love this.5 star

Word to live by!55


Love this Gem of a Book5 star

I love the simplicity and the spiritual truth contained in this book. Thank you for the sharing these insights. I come back to them again and again.55


Loved it!5 star

It’s really opens your eyes to see a different side of this thing called Love.55

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