MacBook Air Essentials

MacBook Air Essentials Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about MacBook Air, straight from Apple. This guide helps you quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Air. You’ll learn about the hardware and its capabilities, how to use your MacBook Air with other Apple devices, the apps that come with your MacBook Air, and much more.

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A. Honsinger

Great5 star

I found this book very useful it would be great for someone who is new to MacBook Air, but for someone who has had one for about a year and a half it’s just as fantastic a lot of good tips and tricks and possibly things you didn’t know your MacBook Air could do. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering a MacBook Air or possibly already has one.55


Fast Way to Get the Most Out of Your Air5 star

It teaches you quickly how to breath with ease using your Air. I have been a mac user for longer than I can remember and I learned some great new tips. This was a great, easy, and fast manual to get the air customized.55


Mac book is great5 star

This book is great to have55


Hits the highlights4 star

As with most things Mac (and Apple), this book covers the basics and little more about the new M1 MacBook Air. Hence the title “MacBook Air Essentials.” A good addition would be more info on cables and chargers. Coming from an older MacBook Air, USB-C is brand new to me. What is the differences with USB-C for PD (power delivery) vs data transfer? Are certain cables better or necessary for high-speed transfers? Also, I’ve heard it’s best to format a Time Machine backup drive with APFS. What does Apple recommend for this brand new computer? I do wish Apple would have a “Deeper” section for those wanting answers to the more technical questions. But, this is what Apple does—it leaves figuring all this out to the user, while telling them “It just works."45


MacBook Air Essentials5 star

Thanks for this book, it was great. I found some things that were changed with update. I was changing from a 8 yr old MacBook Pro to a MacBook air 2020 and this book helped with new updates and changes in the MacBook Air. Well done! Easy to read and follow, Thanks55

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