MacBook Pro Essentials

MacBook Pro Essentials Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about MacBook Pro, straight from Apple. This guide helps you quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Pro. You’ll learn about the hardware and its capabilities, how to use your MacBook Pro with other Apple devices, the apps that come with your MacBook Pro, and much more.

Book Reviews


Good book!5 star

Very informative55


Only useful for current Macs2 star

Book is only for current Macs. Can’t view the version specific to an older Mac, like for those of us who buy used Macs. LAME.25

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#mac pro5 star

The real deal55

Arnez C.

MAC INFO GUIDE. What a person should know about MAC.4 star

I feel that it was very informative! I learned a lot. It can be challenging at the same time. I think that APPLE did good with this guide. I would recommend it, especially to those who are new to a MAC. It does a good job on explaining the information leading to a good amount of knowledge about the MAC.45

Travis fez

Not very helpful needs audio versions1 star

Confusing and not easy to navigate15


Must read!5 star

This book will help you for first time users to very experienced users. The MacBook Pro is so sophisticated, this book has the answers.55


Simple and useful4 star

i just read this book. Well, as all of the apple’s products MacBook Pro is great too. I'm sure that if you buy macbook and don’t read this book, you can absolutely work and use it as well. Because its really powerful and simple. this book is great too if you want to know more.45


I’m a bot5 star

Never thought I could mentally push an app like that55


Review5 star

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As a new user, very helpful!4 star

I don’t normally read user manuals because they often become too complicated too fast, but this was great! Gave me lots of good info, in an easy to understand way!45

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