Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Summary

In this powerful memoir, former slave Frederick Douglass describes his brutal upbringing and eventual escape from slavery. Douglass combines his own experience with his advanced oratory skills to argue for the abolition of slavery.

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Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass5 star

I found myself gritting my teeth and clinching my jaw at the atrocity brought upon my fellow man. I found myself cheering on when Mr. Douglass stood up for his humanity and shouted for joy at his escape. He is an inspiration for all who read this book.55


Required Reading5 star

The importance of keeping the true narrative of Slavery is paramount to understanding where we are now and how little progress we have made accepting and embracing our broken and misrepresented history. We cannot understand where we are without understanding where we’ve been. Change must happen forthwith. We cannot allow this to happen anymore.55


Wow!5 star

Every American should be required to read this. Truly one of the most important books ever written.55

A. M. McDonagh

These Words Live On5 star

Everyone should have to read this book.55


Every Black Person Should Read!5 star

I should have read this book in grade school. Sadly, this narrative is still alive in 2020. Different times, same struggle.55

QC Boy

A view into the awful american past written beautifully5 star

This is a must read for anyone seeking to understand how slavery shaped the USA back then in the early 1800 to today. The USA has come a long way and yet we have a long way to go. Regardless of your race or creed, this book will inspire you to do you part to further improve the condition of man. We are all from the human race and no man should have unchecked power or it will absolutely corrupt that man. It is our duty to keep the powerful checked for they have no control of the sureness of their corruption and do this for the victims of the powerful’s wrath. Live fair.55


Haven't read better5 star

A great book with eerie parallels to what still happens today. Very well written and thought out. Especially love the poem at the end.55


Respect5 star

I haven't read a book about four to five years ago and now I just want to read more books but I like this one it was awesome!!!55

A uselessfish

Garbage1 star

Long boring a** book15


Great piece of literature5 star

Great book! Gives the reader an inside look of the life of a slave in the 19th century. This books is also an amazing piece of literature and full of rich rhetoric.55

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