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Pages User Guide for iPad Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about Pages for iPad, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you create beautiful documents and interactive books with photos, galleries, charts, customizable shapes, and much more.

Book Reviews

Clackamas Coot

Good basic overview5 star

I enjoyed the explanations and examples very much. I’ve been using Pages for several years and ClarisWorks before that going back almost 30 years so I have a good handle how Apple puts this app together. I’m on my 3rd book writing project and find that with the iCloud integration it is a solid solution for my workflow.55

Guppy Guy Matt

This manual is a must read5 star

A must read for anyone wanting to get started using the Apple Pages software, as it explains pretty much every scenario that you might encounter while creating a word-processing document. It’s also an invaluable resource for the more seasoned user, as most people cannot remember every single option or feature that’s available to them. I have been using Pages since Version 5 on my old PowerPC laptop, and it has come such a long way since the olden days; it is definitely an invaluable piece of software for my business and personally. I also use the Apple Numbers app quite a bit and occasionally have the need for the Keynote program as well, but maybe just a few times per year versus the daily use of the Pages & Numbers apps.55

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