Quick Cheats for Writing With Dragon

Quick Cheats for Writing With Dragon Summary

No jargon. No confusion. Just solid, fail-safe tips for writers to take their dictation to the next level.

From the author of "The Writer's Guide to Training Your Dragon", this mini-guide will help you choose the right microphone, transcribe on-the-go with Dragon and put you on the path to sky-high word counts. You will also learn little-known tricks, such as:

- Dictating into programs Dragon doesn't support - such as Scrivener;
- Preventing a crash from taking your dictated text with it;
- Creating a "Quiet Profile" for when you need to dictate without disturbing others;
- Using the same profile on multiple computers - and keeping it updated;
- Running your desktop Dragon app on an iPad or Android tablet - anywhere, anytime.

Designed to get you up-and-running with this powerful software in no time, "Quick Cheats for Writing with Dragon" may make you want to never look at a keyboard again!

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