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Salads To Go
7 Delicious Salad Recipes Made For On The Go Convenience

If you are like me, you probably have a busy lifestyle to keep up with which makes eating healthy pretty difficult.   We all know that a good hearty salad is good for you.  However, due to everyones busy demanding schedules, finding the time to prepare a good salad isn't always possible.

Yes, you can get salad in many fast food restaurants; unfortunately, most fast food salads are either not fresh, contains processed fillers, or their dressing contains more calories than their burgers.  

What most people don't know is that many fast food restaurants actually spray their salads with a substance made of propylene glycol to make their lettuce and other vegetables appear fresh, when they could actually be up to 3 days old!  So all these reasons really defeat the purpose of trying to eat healthy.

Lucky for you, I am about to reveal an ingenious way to prepare a tasty, mouth watering and healthy salad in a mason jar that can last for up to 7 days - without the unwanted chemical spray.

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Tot tie

Tottie4 star

What size are the mason jars in these recipes?45


This but is free5 star

For a free book it was great to get the idea of eating fresh salad Great!! I enjoyed. Now to try each salad YUMMY!!!55


Disappointing1 star



Great recipes5 star

Loved this book! Loved all the great salad recipes in it! The Sicilian is defiantly my favorite but you can't go wrong with most of these recipes! For a dieter this is a great book!55


Salads to go4 star

I enjoyed the sample. It showed you exactly how to assemble the salad. If you weren't sure about something it provided you with the picture.45


Yummy4 star

The recipes look really tasty. Can't wait to try them out.45


Brilliant5 star

Absolutely delicious and I put them in a large, empty mayonaise jar I run through the dishwasher. Put several of them in the refrigerator for snacking. Just brilliant!55


It's Ok3 star

I like the concept, very simple and graphic, easy to follow, I was expecting more different recipes, since I am trying to find a more healthy way to eat on to go. Not bad at all.35


This is interesting5 star

This is a great idea. I generally eat salad at work but it is always been a challenge. This will make my life easier.55

Brilliant5 star

This is an amazing idea. Simple and easy to do. This will make my life a lot easier. I wish I found this book a long time ago. Side note to "Laura and Tiny." It is a salad recipe. Why would you give this author 1-star for not having YOUR favorite salad recipe. Are you kidding me?55

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