Shonen Jump Manga Starter Pack

Shonen Jump Manga Starter Pack Summary

Catch the biggest manga titles from the pages of the world famous Shonen Jump Magazine. Enjoy some of manga's most classic titles including Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.  These three titles are staples for any manga reader and will introduce you two three amazing stories fresh from Japan's biggest creators.  Follow that up with some dramatic culinary comedy and toss in a bit of post apocalyptic anarchy and you will have begun your manga lesson. Enjoy these five free titles.

Book Reviews


it’s my 3rd favorite manga aside from naruto retrospective and dragon ball5 star

I liked everything except the all you need is kill because my dad introduced me to the rest55


Epic5 star



Amazing5 star

Even though I only read a sample because I can’t afford the book I really enjoyed it, and it’s one of my favorite manga samples55


Very interesting4 star

Though I’ve already watched Naruto and a little bit of One Piece, my personal favorite was the All You Need Is Kill, but in the end, it was good45

Non of you bisnnuae.

It’s actually good5 star

I don’t think manga creators put alot work into there books but this one was actually good. It’s fire that’s there is five animie characters in one manga. Follow you’re dreams and continue to make people happy. Good luck😁55

luke the mad man

Kinda good1 star

It’s inipropreite that’s one star down rest I like its free but iniproreiti15


Yuh✨5 star



Meh3 star

Wish it had more naruto. bleach and one peice are good but the others aren’t as good as the anime35


Not bad4 star

It’s good for a starter45


🔥🔥🔥5 star

It’s 5 mangas in one what else could you ask for don’t be lazy start reading NOW55

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One Piece, Vol. 71
4.5     23

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