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From snicker-doodles to chewy oatmeal cookies and a few things in between, we have compiled some of our favorite cookie recipes that are delicious, irresistible, and meant for any occasion.

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Yummy5 star

Easy yummy recipes...can be modified to your liking55


Simply Cookies5 star

Great recipes, but won't let me update, and the library says I can...55


Awesome!5 star

The recipes are really awesome! Nice layout & photos.. Macaroons are def. in there among many tasty recipes! I've eaten a few of them already & can't wait to try others! If u like to bake cookies this is a must have & the price is right! LoL55


Awesome!!!5 star

Recipes are easy to follow. Covers not misleading French macaroons are in there. Excellent for a recipe book that's free!55


Misleading cover1 star

The cover has a photo of French Macarons but the book doesn't have the recipe...doesn't make sense. Totally misleading!15


Can't view on iPhone1 star

Downloaded this for my iPhone and it doesn't work. I have iOS 6 with the new version of iBooks, and can't view this book. Only viewable on iPad. Not everyone owns an iPad.15


Great chapter of a cookbook5 star

I really liked the layout of this book and would buy others by this author. Was kind of disappointed that it turned out to be only 1 chapter , not a whole book. But it was free. I will try the recipes. Thanks55

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