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Social Media Strategy Summary

Planning a social media strategy for your business, company or non-profit? Give your marketing, advertising and social network campaign a shot of adrenaline with this insider's guide. A complete handbook on how to plan awe-inspiring content marketing, influencer marketing and inbound marketing programs, it's a must-see for Fortune 500 leaders, small businesses and mid-size firms alike. Featuring expert hints, tips and advice for organizations and brands looking to connect online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online platforms, including both non-profits and corporations, bestselling business author Scott Steinberg breaks down the new secrets to social media success inside. Through expert advice and training, your company will learn how to: 

• Plan stunning social media, marketing and PR campaigns 
• Measure ROI on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 
• Connect with online customers and turbo-charge sales and revenue 
• Build brand awareness and public support 
• Boost online traffic, increase conversions, and slash advertising costs

Book Reviews


6 Stars5 star

Easy to read/follow! I pretty much highlighted everything in this book, super helpful55


Good4 star

While this short book has some very solid insights, it does miss some real life examples to let the reader fully understand how to attack certain bullet points.45


It was a good short read4 star

I was straight to the point and a solid read if you’re looking for a strategy in the social media world. Only reason I wouldn’t give 5 starts is because I felt the book could’ve had a solid first hand example to approach. I’m also a big believer in Instagram is a more intimate social media site that can lead to being more successful. Would’ve like to hear about that. But still a good read!45


Best Short Read Ever!5 star

I did not realize this book was a pamphlet. I was enthralled enough that I was ready to purchase after finishing the ‘sample.’ There’s more quality info in these few complimentary pages than most so-called gurus would dare to divulge in a $497 course. Down with the gurus and their shell games. Kudos to people who actually know something about something.55


Good read5 star

Definitely worth a read if your building a brand55


Good start but lacks quantity3 star

This is a fantastic book including many different ideas, how-to's, etc.. to incorporate into your business. I found the information to be repeating however and was astonished the book was less than 50 pages. I believe this could be an amazing best seller if it was just a bit longer.35

The Other Brother guy

Social Media Strategy4 star

Very nice overview an down to earth objectives! Creates a useful filter to view your own campaigns from. Recommend to any social media manager who wants to see how their campaigns stack up! Darrell Phillips - UX enthusiast45


Short, concise and valuable5 star

Scott's advice and counsel here is both insightful and valuable. As I lay in bed having just finished these 19 pages I feel as though I have learned something. Very rare in most reads on social. With his 10 commandments and 8 ways to accomplish it, I feel as though I have an agenda and action items to boot. Now I wanna ask permission to use some of this material in a good blog on the subject.55

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