Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me Summary

After his last tour in the Marines, Seth Thornton finds himself adrift when he returns to Fair Haven, Washington. A capable soldier who moved up the ranks, Seth struggles to find his place in a town he once called home as the memories of war continue to haunt him—until the day he encounters the beautiful Rose DiMarco. 

Seth saves Rose when a man accosts her, yet to his surprise, she spurns his help. Her beauty and her headstrong ways captivate him, and he can’t forget about her.
When Rose becomes his new neighbor, she suddenly presents a temptation that the normally aloof Seth cannot resist. He wants her more than he’s ever wanted any woman. 

Rose DiMarco fled Seattle to escape from an ex-boyfriend who made her life hell. Fair Haven is supposed to be her haven, but her ex isn’t about to let her go. When he threatens her, she never expects her sexy new neighbor Seth to defend her and declare himself her protector.

And she definitely doesn’t expect to long for Seth in every possible way: she wants his kiss, his embrace, his caress. His love.

But as Rose’s ex-boyfriend vows to divulge all of her darkest secrets, she fears that Seth will never look at her the same way again when he knows the truth. 

While Rose must confront her demons, Seth must choose between returning to the horrors of war—or embracing a love that could set him free.

Book Reviews


Someone to Watch over Me5 star

Another good Thornton story in the series you will love the characters and the journey to their happiness.55

Milly is silly

Mediocre & confusing2 star

Seth was referred to as a soldier throughout the book even though he was in the marines. A soldier is an individual in the army. The story line was confusing and it bounced around who’s perspective it was in. I didn’t even finish the book unfortunately ):25


Someone to watch over me2 star

It was ok, some places were kinda slow ⭐️⭐️25


Good4 star

Good story of Heath and Rose. I enjoyed the characters from the previous books in the series also.45


Unexpected love4 star

Such a great book, but this whole series has been. You don’t have to read the other to enjoy this one but why not they are all good. It’s nice to catch up with all the previous characters thought too. 🙂Seth and Rose aren’t your normal couple. They both have demons to exercise. Seth has become a shadow of his previous self he’s fighting an invisible force to find peace and something to do. Rose comes into his life just at this time. Rose is running from an ex who I’ll tell you is sooo messed up it might have you running with reading this book. They fight the circumstances they are both in and can the come together to both enjoy their lives? Well I’ll leave that up to you. I read this book voluntarily for an honest review. It ha no cliffhanger and a HEA. Enjoy!45

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