Space Summary

This is my first produced book. It contains information about Space, Satellites and the different planets in our Solar System as well as our Moon.
It contains interesting information and facts as well as educational and interesting videos, 3D interactions, pictures, charts and much more!
I shall keep adding to this book, although I believe it is already a great textbook.
I hope you enjoy it! 

Book Reviews


Yo5 star

It was awesome /:;;:.,55


Pretty good4 star

This book was pretty good and I need knowledge45


👍5 star

Throughout all the textbooks I read so far, this one definitely deserves a 5 star rating. As a future scientist, please make more of these.55


Was so engaging5 star

I’m a bad reader and never read a novel or anything long. But this book was really fascinating. With images, question answers and interactive 3D models, I completed the book in one go.. woohoo..55


A2 star

Who read this book?🧐25



I love space so this book was go for me.🤗🤗🤗🤗Get this book now!!!!!!!!😄😁If you like space this book is for you.It has a lot of information about space.55


Space5 star

Asom face wops asom spase55


Too Small2 star

There are only 6 chapters. Each was barely anything, and it seemed unfinished. It was very very short.25


Very good5 star

I'm working on a space documentary. This helped a lot! Thank you, Dmitry Buyanovsky55

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