Successful Parenting: God's Way

Successful Parenting: God's Way Summary

What is the real purpose of parenting?

Is it merely to bring up children to become independent and competent adults, or is there something more?

Successful Parenting: God’s Way will give you the amazing answers, and will give you practical tips and techniques for rearing happy children and having a happy family life!

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A balanced approach5 star

I have found this book very helpful. When I have followed the approach in this book it has been a success. It didn't take long for my kids to understand that when I correct them and enforce rules that it is for their good because I love them. They are also beginning to understand that having self control is a true blessing in life. It does require a considerable amount of self control on my part to be consistent and set the right example. Most of all they thrive on the encouragement and love advocated. The assurance that God is real and is involved in their lives and cares for them has given them confidence, peace and joy.55

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Bad1 star

I am 13 and that is what I wish my parents did not do15


Valuable information for parents5 star

A very helpful book that teaches a biblical approach toward parenting. The concept of "loving authority" can be very helpful for parents as they try to balance the unconditional love for their children while still providing firm boundaries. A combination that helps raise secure and successful children.55


Needed information!5 star

Excellent information!55


Successful Parenting5 star

The writings are extremely meaningful for all parents that have concern in their children's spiritual growth. The Bible versus correlations are very powerful in working to raise your children in the image of God. A read of this book has helped motivate me to continue the focus for my children and rid their experiences of hypocrisy. Take the time to digest this book and be a huge part of your children growing up.55


Very helpful5 star

We read this together as parents and this helped us with some good tips on how to raise our children.55

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