The Art Of Letting Go

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We often struggle to let some people go especially when they made that decision. We question the universe, we question ourselves and we question everyone around us but we never truly get our answers. Letting someone go takes time, patience and commitment to actively stop ourselves from relapsing and thinking about that person again. The Art Of Letting Go helps you understand why, how and when you should let someone go so you can move on and never look back.

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i’m on page 35 but i’m obsessed!!! i’m so hooked it’s such an amazing book i would 100000000% recommend55


OMG1 star

Really? Truly pablum. Kind of like, get a life.15


It was a good read and very helpful!5 star

I recommend for those that need closure, insight and understanding.55


This is real5 star

I cried so much. This touched my soul.55


Awesome5 star

Enjoyed every word!55



To understand life without stressing your mind 💋55

MMT aka 5150GAL

Grateful again Thank You5 star

I can identify with almost every word. And for writing what I believed in my heart to be true but my thoughts are so scrambled and unsure what’s real what is true I couldn’t confidently make a decision. If you can make sense of what I am trying to convey here. Reading this book gave me complete confidence in my thinking again. It helped me accept what I thought was true all along. The conclusion chapter Difficult Relationships , at the very least , has given me , so far half a day. Half a day feeling hopeful again. For me. For my life. For my future. Thank you , author of this book the Art of Letting Go. You helped me to allow me to feel peace. And Peace has always been what I have been seeking in this crazy world and crazy times. Thank you Higher Power, one more time you kept loving me until I was ready to love myself again. M. M. Thomason A very grateful person for all life’s good and all life’s not so good.55


The art of letting go!5 star

This was a great book! I really loved it! So inspiring, and very helpful! Great book55


READ IT !5 star

This was an eye opener. I definitely enjoyed this, Props to the women behind this. 💗55


I loved this book!5 star

I recently went through a hard break up. 4 years together and out of nowhere he called it quits. Seriously. This books helped me grieve, and also just get a new and fresh perspective on break ups and letting go. Highly recommend it!55

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