The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto Summary

It has since been recognized as one of the world's most influential political manuscripts. Commissioned by the Communist League, it laid out the League's purposes and program. It presents an analytical approach to the class struggle (historical and present) and the problems of capitalism, rather than a prediction of communism's potential future forms.

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Working people of the world, unite.5 star

Never forget that there are more of us, the proletariat, than there are of them, the bourgeoisie.55

Truth's Advocate

This aged well5 star

If you are looking for practical solutions or detailed systems of socialism, you will not find it here, but even without that, this manifesto manages to accomplish a lot in such a short time. Before we can consider policies and political solutions, we must first consider the end of politics and the nature of human life. Despite the abscence of economic evalutions and speculation, Marx manages to raise several reasonable criticisms of capitalism, I was particularly satisfied with his commentary on the economic cycle of capitalism. While capitalism has been hailed as an economic success, it’s quite odd that we have come to predict and expect this economy’s failure, and as Marx points out, this failure is found in the very foundations of capitalism. Innovation and competition are continually destroying industries, and new markets rise from their graves. In this way, we can see that capitalism profits off its own failures, and it’s evident that capitalistic bourgeois not only make enemies with the proletariat but also with themselves. Capitalism has been sustained for centuries, and some might consider that a success, but how much of this success is owed to socialist policies, like minimum wages, the 8 hour work day, and workplace regulations? As a social democrat, its my belief that capitalism has survived as long as it has because of its growing sympathy to socialist ideas.55


Great Masterpiece5 star

Must read Must read twice55


Great read4 star

As a staunch-anti communist, I think this is a great read that exposes Marx and Engels as semi-educated and incoherent and their ideology as radical, not founded in reality, and misunderstanding human nature, history, and development. The constructs that Marx tries to apply to human history (class struggle, world becoming proletariat-based) are so primitive and wrong. This is a book that everyone needs to read.45


Influential Yet Confusing3 star

While I would personally give this book a one star rating due to its confusing use of words and long philosophical and theoretical tangents that Marx loves to go on, I have to give it a higher rating due to its massive influence on society that cannot be understated. This manifesto is one of the larger reasons that communism as a form of government and mentality gained international attention and traction. Since it’s written nearly 200 years ago in another language, the writing can be complicated and confusing, and I often found myself rereading portions to understand them completely. However, this was also clearly written as a political and persuasive piece of propaganda meant to rally the working class against their ‘oppressors’, and it should be read as such. Marx doesn’t use evidence to support his long and generous claims and tends to be very confusing in his word and sentence structure. Overall, I’d recommend anyone read it for its historical significance, but also understand that this is method of government and mindset is both deceiving and has just as many (if not more) problems than capitalism and feudalism, which it claims to be so terrible. It should be read with the current knowledge of history that we have in mind.35

brock bush

Great read!5 star

Though by all means controversial by modern day standards, and incredibly outdated ideology. It makes for great historical insight, and the conception and spread of communist ideals. Definitely worth your time! Highly recommend!55


Wow5 star

I love this analysis of the working class in relation the status quo. I don’t agree with everything but I understand why the points I disagree with were made. The cycle needs to end. The workers get stronger every time but so does the ruling class! It may be time.55

Guy F.

An essential “1 star” read1 star

It’s important to know our history and understand the evil we are facing today and how relevant this particular manifesto is in our political, cultural, and educational world. From communism derive its “daughter” - feminism - and its “grandchild” - gender dysphoria.15


an essential read5 star

sad & funny how we still haven’t advanced past capitalism. This book further explains the constrains put onto the workers through reactionary views and systems55


Different Perspective2 star

It’s time to abandon this form of thinking as it has never proven effective.25

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