The Complete Works of Shakespeare

The Complete Works of Shakespeare Summary

The most complete collection of Shakespeare's works available in a single book, containing 41 plays, 7 poems and 154 sonnets. This edition includes co-authored and rare apocrypha works, such as Sir Thomas More and Double Falsehood.

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NO INDEX WHY!!!!!!!!!1 star



Weird abbreviations3 star

It’s free so that’s great, I wish I saw this before I bought a book. I dislike how the names are abbreviated in the text however. I see no reason for that.35

Brianna Bass

Text is TINY3 star

Why is the text so tiny?!? When I try to increase the font it just increases the spacing but the text stays tiny. None of my other e-books do this. On the plus side.. free Shakespeare35


Impossible to navigate1 star

No index15

Fizzy Berry

The best edition for free in Bookstore5 star

For the price -FREE- this is the best ebook version you can get, very organized, inclusive, and very very few typos. Great for readers of all ages who want to familiarize themselves with arguably the greatest writer of all times.55

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