The Effective Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook

The Effective Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook Summary

The Effective Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook

Greetings and congrats on your decision to move towards a healthier life through a plant based diet prepped and prepared in the only cookware that can truly give you quality food in an instant—yes, you guessed it—the Instant Pot! The multipurpose cooking unit known to the world as an "Instant Pot" is an all-in-one repository for all of your culinary needs. Completely veggie and vegan friendly, the Instant Pot can whip up tender, succulently roasted meals in—well, or lack of a better word—in an instant!

Working as the complete antithesis of a slow cooker, the Instant Pot is able to regularly maintain intense temperature and pressure in order to thoroughly cook food in just a matter of minutes. And it's not like the semi-cooked fare that you might get from a microwave oven mind you, on the contrary, the Instant Pot is able to produce food that is just as healthy and high quality, as it is quick. Through other cooking methods valuable nutrition content is lost during the cooking process. Vitamins are literally burned up as the food cooks.

But the Instant Pot is able to quickly cook your food and yet retain a larger proportion of vitamin content than any other means of food prep. The Instant Pot is a true game changer in the world of health and fitness, and I would like to personally thank you for purchasing this cookbook to guide you through this transformation. Because the Instant Pot coupled with a steady plant based diet doesn't just provide you with a new way to prepare your food, it provides a new way to prepare your life!

This book explains every aspect of how to cook, program, and use your Instant Pot, in addition to providing 60 recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. So, forget all about your stovetop and microwave, because a plant based diet and the Instant Pot provide a better way.

See You on the Effective Side!

-Chef Effect

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