The Essence of Buddhism

The Essence of Buddhism Summary

This eBook allows you to grasp the basic principles of Buddhism in just a few minutes.

Much has been written about Buddhism and how to practice it. Readers will have no difficulty finding hundreds of books on the topic. It simply focuses on the essence of Buddhism, as expressed in the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path. It is what the Buddha first talked about after he became enlightened – this is what makes it the essence.

Reading this eBook should not conflict with your existing religious belief, since strictly speaking, Buddhism is not a religion. It does not extol belief in an external God. It does not seek to replace your existing religious beliefs, only to supplement them with a practical but profound set of psychological principles.

The Buddha, in all likelihood, would rather his followers describe themselves simply as Followers of The Way.

Book Reviews


Awesome5 star

I love to learn new things55


The Essence of Buddhism5 star

Great book!!! Very enlightening!!55


Simple but immersive introduction to Buddhism5 star

This book is a great read for those who are curious about Buddhist philosophy. This book sparked my interest in it and I have since gone on to take Buddhist philosophy classes at my university and I am happy to say this book is very accurate to Siddhartha’s core beliefs. The four noble truths and the eight fold path are introduced in Buddha’s first sermon after his awakening under the bodhi tree. These are the core values that are accepted in all forms of Buddhism around Asia. If you are interested in the philosophical point of view and not religious, this book will tell you everything you need to know happy reading!55


Great read5 star

I have believed for awhile I should read into and begin practicing Buddhism and after reading this explanation of what it consists of I think I will55


Short4 star

Short, direct and to the point. Extremely thought provoking.45


The Essence of Budhism5 star

This is a great starting place. Easy to understand, straight to the point.55


Great5 star

Easy explanatory and very helpful. I recommend this book to other readers. Im learning the Buddhism life style and i learned a lot with this book. Amazing work55


🙏🏽5 star

Loved it55


jannette4 star

it was good45


An Introduction5 star

I happened to find this ebook looking through a friend's Facebook page. I am very unsettled within and seek acceptance of self, clarity, a sort of rejuvenation of motivation, creativity and releasing my attachment to the physical. This ebook was short, easy to read, follow and comprehend. I've experienced difficulties focusing short term and long term. I used to be a voracious reader and it's frustrating not being able to read a book regardless of subject. I've often wondered about buddhism and decided to focus and read this brief explanation of what the teachings entail. I was not disappointed. I thank you for providing this basic information for a general view. I will incorporate some of what I've learned and move forward with releasing the unnecessary and learning more.55

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