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The author is one of the world's most experienced life and performance coaches. He has helped thousands of people to transform their careers and their personal lives by showing them how to use powerful NLP tecnhiques that enable them to bring about dramatic changes in their thinking and behaviour. At the end of the day the real joy of life is in the way that we feel about ourselves and what we are doing. The author is a master at transforming your feelings. He has written four importnat books on personal transformation. Now you can obtain The Free Self-Help Handbook without spending a cent and start yourself along the road to a new, more confident and more fulfilling life.

David Ferrers has worked as an independent coach for managers in many of the world's top companies like: Dell, Axa, Prudential, Xerox, P&O, Yves St.Laurent, Bosch, Relx, Elsevier, Portal Financial, Knauf, ANZ Bank, Primati, Land Securities, GMAC, Johnson & Johnson, Total Jobs Group, HP and ABB plus Government Departments.

Book Reviews

Sai satya Gyan

Amazing5 star

Beautiful advice and concept about life and true inspirational !!55


Unexpectedly Life-Changing!5 star

Don’t let the title throw you off, this book is for EVERYONE, but especially the dreamers who want to also be doers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you!55

Rinah Macharia

Amazingly written.5 star

I enjoyed this book so much, incredible facts and different aspects of life are all covered. “Do not act in expectation of reward or reciprocation” favorite quote. Will be applying these in my life immediately! Thank you so much, peace be with you.55


I totally recommend to read this book5 star

I highly recommend to read this book. Just like he said you just can’t read it you have to start practicing the stuff he writes in this book. I’m going to read this book for a second time like he recommended so I can get an even clearer picture even though the first picture was very clear.55


Self- Help Handbook5 star

Eye opening, highly motivating, intensely inspiring, detailed orientated, and diligently dedicated for those that seek self improvement.55

Hanna Mohammed

Amazing5 star

I like each line in this book It’s amazing journey55

Real public opinion

Just what I was searching for!5 star

Great easy read. It’s very specific. I like specific.55

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