The King James Bible, Complete

The King James Bible, Complete Summary

This volume is the complete King James version of the Christian Bible, an English translation authorized by the Church of England and completed in 1611.

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Z man88

The Bible3 star

I’m not writing about this particular Bible. I’m writing about the Bible in general. WE made the choice to eat the fruit and disobey God in the beginning. He had already warned us. But since He wanted us to have a free will, He didn’t make us choose Him. So we failed him. And because of the SINS that mankind committed,which were so bad,God flooded the world. He saved Noah and his family and therefore showed love and mercy on the human race instead of ending it. Also of course the Bible doesn’t approve of lgbtq+ because it’s immoral and wrong. Do you really think God is “homophobic” ? Phobia means “fear of” and God fears nothing. The Bible is His word and if He says it’s wrong than your opinion doesn’t matter. Think about it, if you said to a T. rex I identify as a T. rex or I think that taking your eggs isn’t wrong because it feels right, would it not eat and destroy you? Thankfully God loves you so much that YOU can be forgiven. Just believe Jesus is God’s Son and didn’t stay dead. He rose again! Just believe that, admit your a sinner and you need Him to save you. Just talk to Him please! It changed my life, let it change yours! P.S. I didn’t say this to offend people. I say it with love and concern. But it’s not your call if you are doing wrong and you “define” it as right. It’s God’s call. I could also defend the Bible scientificly but I already have a paragraph. Also a contradiction is like when a math book says 2+2=4 then later on says 2+2=19. God loving us but destroying us isn’t a contradiction. He destroyed many because of the great evil that mankind was doing. Kinda like discipline for a child except obviously a lot worse. But for good cause. Plus as I said before He didn’t completely destroy us, He showed mercy and compassion on us. 😄😄😀35

Bella B.❤️❤️

❤️5 star

This book helps me refocus on God more than anything55

warrior cats fan🐈

Bible5 star

It’s true, Jesus does die, but did y’all not read the rest? He comes back to life! That’s what Easter is about! And also, these are TRUE stories. This is a must read.55


Great book5 star

Because Jesus55


no longer works3 star

I have had this Bible for years - can outline in different colors - mark pages -and navigate searches. Now - perhaps because of an update on IOS - cannot even navigate to go to any other chapters or books.35


Very inspirational5 star



Words of wisdom5 star

Let us not forget the lessons of the Bible, timeless and ageless for any generation. Relevant today as they were when it was written.55


Allah did it first5 star

But before that, there was Vishnu.55


Best way to study the Bible on my devices5 star

I love how easy it is to find and mark up passages in the Bible on Apple Books.55

grany c1239

The word of god5 star

This is a great bible KJV a bible is good for you so for the siners I say try to get right with god when you are ready and it is not dumm or bad or horrible or wrong so read the word of god please it is a right book of god KJV so read ❤️❤️❤️✌️55

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