The King James Bible, Complete

The King James Bible, Complete Summary

This volume is the complete King James version of the Christian Bible, an English translation authorized by the Church of England and completed in 1611.

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Very inspirational5 star



Words of wisdom5 star

Let us not forget the lessons of the Bible, timeless and ageless for any generation. Relevant today as they were when it was written.55

roc x

Bible5 star

It's a Bible..What else can be said🙏🏼🙏🏼55


Allah did it first5 star

But before that, there was Vishnu.55


Best way to study the Bible on my devices5 star

I love how easy it is to find and mark up passages in the Bible on Apple Books.55

grany c1239

The word of god5 star

This is a great bible KJV a bible is good for you so for the siners I say try to get right with god when you are ready and it is not dumm or bad or horrible or wrong so read the word of god please it is a right book of god KJV so read ❤️❤️❤️✌️55


Bible5 star

Greatest story ever told!!55


The main character dies1 star

I am so mad I wanted a book with good plot but no all I get is a dead main character.15


Spirit Please5 star

KJV is the ultimate spirit edition. I used to bring KJV to Sunday school and I told my dad that the other kids said “English please” when I would read a verse from my Bible. He said reply with “Spirit please”. KJV will always be special to my heart.55


Spoiler alert1 star

The man named Jesus dies. Little to no plot just hate15

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