The Leadership Code

The Leadership Code Summary

Locked in each one of you is the Leadership Code, and once you learn to decipher it, you can shape and transform it into what you want.  As special as you are as a person, you have little control over some things. Personally, you cannot choose to be tall or short.  Professionally, believe it or not, you are in complete and total control.  And, with that reality comes a responsibility you have, to yourself and those who look to you for leadership, to unlock, learn, and develop your Leadership Code.   Because just like your parents who passed their DNA to you, you also pass your professional DNA along to those men and women you work for or will work for in a leadership or management position.

Book Reviews


Great read4 star

Although, the material was well written and informative, whomever edited this book missed grammatical errors that pulled me away from the material. By no means do I catch all my mistakes, catching these mistakes made me question the chapter about a sheet of paper. Still a great read and I hope you take the time to read the short 74 pages about leadership.45


I love this book5 star

This is good stuff55


Awesome Book !!!5 star

Got a promotion using the knowledge I learned from this book. Priceless !55


It's easy to grasp and it make sense5 star

It's easy to grasp and it make sense55

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