The Mind's Eye

The Mind's Eye Summary

Nicole Blake is a quiet girl, the type of person who is seldom noticed by anyone, until one day she discovers she has the unique ability to see images move on photographs. At first, she uses her ability to entertain friends at parties and work. Meanwhile, the police are unable to uncover a single clue in a series of unsolved murders. Seasoned detective Paul Hammond learns of Nicole’s ability, and enlists her help.
Carl Kadner, a rookie reporter with the local paper, takes it upon himself to investigate the murders as well. As he learns what it takes to be the kind of reporter he wants to be, Carl puts himself in danger for the sake of the story. What will it take to bring all of these people together to find the real reason people continue to disappear?

Book Reviews

Avid Reader QC

An action packed realistic adventure5 star

Starting with a woman with unlikely abilities, the rest of the story flows smoothly to an action packed conclusion. Every character in this book is fully three dimensional and behaves with the flaws and motivations of real human beings.55


The mind’s eye4 star

Really good, the ending is quite long with unexpected twists and turns. Unusual and worth reading.45


The minds eye5 star

Wow what a story!!!!! Great job on not letting me get bored.....ingenious all the way to the end.55

Lilacs and chocolate

Not so Good2 star

Difficult to get into. Too much jumping around. Weak characters. Read about 1/4 of book. Tried to give it a chance but........25

Old TX gal

Hard to get through3 star

Though the story itself is quite compelling, the writing/editing is horrible. Too many typos, misused words, missing punctuation...they are a huge distraction. Some lines must be read multiple times to determiner just what the writer is trying to say. It takes a tremendous amount of patience to get through this book.35


Murder mystery5 star

WOW! This guy held me rapt from beginning to end! He has over 30 years experience as a Paramedic so I assume he’s seen some interesting stuff. His writing is intense, I could feel what he was describing as though I was there. The scenario is bizarre but should not prevent you from the book. I highly endorse this young mans writing!55

Crazy not lazy

The Minds Eye3 star

This story dragged a lot. Too many different people, without giving any justification for being there35

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