The Mysteries of Free Masonry

The Mysteries of Free Masonry Summary

This book represents a great historical artifact of the anti-masonic movement of the 19th Century. The book also talks about the process of becoming a Mason is a life-long journey of learning and a desire for wisdom.

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Gross1 star

This is satanic and creepy. Anyone fooled into thinking being a mason has anything to do with being Christian is confused. Worship God not people, masonry is fowl.15


Not bad, a comparison3 star

Told me a lot about the connection between the knight and the Christian religion. They are far more ceremonial than Christians ever were and this book shows how this is. It is a book that shows how honor and hard work are supposed to get you up in the world ( in a symbolic way). What this book says is that we are free to choose where we go and who we choose to be. Having done that. At any point, we can stop or change the path we are on, but we are so taken up with what we are doing, we don’t see that we can or need to. Being a knight is not the only thing these people do. Just like being a Christian is not the only thing people do. And this must be remembered as you read the book.35


Inticing4 star

Actually being a part, well a small part of the masons myself (demolay). I found this book to be a very good read, and want to let people know that yes a lot of the history and things written in this is also taught to you as a demolay. It's very true and informative information. Thank you for making this available for public to read. These sort of things are still carried in the hearts of many people and used every day in this generation. It hasn't been completely lost now a days by all who have accomplished a lot in becoming a mason.45


Corrective Review5 star

The people giving this book a 1 star were probably under the impression that this book were effective "meeting minutes" for the illuminati or something along those lines. The book says what it intended to say, so don't get frustrated at a truthful publication.55


Goodddd5 star



It's ok3 star

Any info about the masons is good enough for me ... Read it35


Inaccurate1 star

Not good.15

History geek4444444445

Look it up first5 star

This book has history...educate yourself and search about it before your review55

Ryan Check

Read the whole title5 star

The very top where it says the title of the book. It also says what the book is about. So, for what it is really, it is good. Gives you an idea of the type of rituals.55


Masons5 star

If your looking for a really revealing read try, The Scarlet & The Beast.55

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