The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci Summary

A collection of papers written in Italian by Leonardo da Vinci , in his characteristic left-handed mirror-writing (reading from right to left), including diagrams, drawings and brief texts, covering a broad range of topics in science and art, as well as personal notes. The core of the notebook is a collection of materials that Leonardo describes as 'a collection without order, drawn from many papers.

Book Reviews


Leonardo notebooks translation2 star

Almost impossible to read because of the editor’s constant, intruding footnotes.25

Piñata Magonia Poppy

No drawings.1 star

Disappointed there is no drawings. I will up my rating once they are added.15


What Happened?2 star

I wanted to read his words and see the sketches as described. I'm currently sketching a :( at the moment.25


The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci1 star

As much as I was excited to read this, I was appalled to find it only text and not a drawing in it. Is there an error in my downloads? Such a letdown!15

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