The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray Summary

When the artist Basil Hallward is hired to paint a portrait of the young and handsome Dorian Gray, he becomes obsessed with his subject’s beauty. Dorian is obsessed with his own beauty as well, and sells his soul so that his portrait will age and wither in his place. Free of the confines of age, Dorian indulges himself in depravity and decadence, while the portrait sits upstairs, decaying more and more with each sin….

Book Reviews


Interesting4 star

A delightful read, though a few parts are little tedious. Lord Henry’s character is portrayed very finely by the author. His words are indeed very influential.45

Bri 7890

Dorian Gray is meaningful4 star

If you are looking for an adventurous plot heavy book then this isn’t the book for you, it’s very good, and instead of plot and the enticing story we’re use to from modern novels this novel focuses more on physiological ideas and morals. It’s a very good novel but do not expect an exciting read. I’ve very much enjoyed this book and suggest it for anyone who looks for more in a book then just a story45


My take3 star

Oscar Wilde does a wonderful job of depiction and eloquently describing Dorian. It is my opinion though it became a bit exasperating. It is oh too obvious Dorian’s plight but even more so his demise which came about very abruptly.35


It’s a good novel5 star

I liked the novel and it was very interesting. It had drama, romance, fantasy and tragedy. I recommend reading it.55


The Picture of Dorian Gray4 star

A great book worth reading! 😃The ending left me very surprised.😁45

Dmn U

Everyone must read it5 star

No matter what kind of entity of being you are, as long as you comprehend written language, you shall enjoy Oscar Wilde's sole novel.55

Jimbo Mageek

Recommended4 star

Wilde seems to be mainly the master of the ironic quip, but still this is a highly insightful glimpse of the 19th century mind. Well worth reading.45


Essential, Witty, Mad & Brilliant!5 star

Cheers for Oscar Wilde! This book is short in length yet contains volumes of meaning. And it's FREE! For heavens sake, what more can you ask for? Quickly, to the download button...55


Beautiful5 star

Absolutely stunning work!55

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