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The Republic  is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC, concerning the definition of justice , the order and character of the just city-state and the just man.

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The Republic5 star

It's good.55


Great read5 star

A little everyday gets the job done! I have a new outlook on life and a new foundation after reading this book. Especially reading the last book and the afterlife experience. Go Jesus!55

Stop the Rats

The New Republic5 star

Plato knew much of man and his civilizations and shared much of it in his Republic. He described human life as seen from a cave by individuals who were chained so as to perceive the world as shadows cast by a fire from behind them. He maintained that this is the illusion of life perceived by most. However, he goes on to explain that all we perceive is the reflected glory of an ideal. By living philosophically and striving above all for justice and good, we can have true reality revealed to us. His understanding of human nature was remarkable. His ideas linking each individual to his birth culture and state are a path to creating a new world order. Today, we are well-advised to consider the challenges we best face up to while there is still time. I see no political party, nation state or movement that has more good ideas than bad, even self-destructive. We could not do better than read and study Plato's Republic, update it to address our present circumstances and build ourselves a New Republic.55


Republic5 star

A cooper and barrel maker who became a practicing attorney like Abraham Lincoln and a Judge in 1779. He was officially elected President of the congress and served actively on the position on March 1, 1781. He didn’t get credit while transforming the thirteen sovereign colonies into the Republic of America.55


Prophetic5 star

No doubt that Socrates and Plato had studied and believed the prophets of old. And no doubt their words, like those of Epimenides, were inspired by them. I also love how Plato foretold the rise of modern socio-economic ideologies in this.55

Prophet Amos


This book is a timeless classic, all people in the world should read it. We would have more righteous people in the world, if they read this book.55


A masterpiece of thought5 star

“[...] but let him know how to choose the mean and avoid the extremes on either side, as far as possible, not only in this life but in all that which is to come. For this is the way of happiness.” Excerpt From: Plato. “The Republic.” iBooks. This incredibly lighthearted dialogue between one of Earth's most renowned figures will take you on a journey of discovery in the realm of truth and wisdom. Plato seemingly reconstructs for us the disciplined yet congenial analysis with which his teacher confronts the most important aspects of human existence. The delicious center and icing on this scrumptious cake of profound clarity of thought, namely, the allegory of the cave and the tale of Er's near death experience, will most likely improve your way of thinking about your experience of Earth and its inhabitants.55

Santiago Escobar Dlr

.5 star

You get a little more inteligent when you read this book, don't forget a dictionary.55


P. G5 star

Can't wait.55

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