The Republic

The Republic Summary

The Republic is Plato's best known written work, structured as a Socratic dialogue between the great teacher, his students and other citizens of Athens. A seminal investigation into philosophy, political science, the nature of justice, government, spirituality and the role of art in society, "The Republic" remains hugely influential.

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Excellent book!5 star

More citizens should be reading this book, especially given the predicament our country has found itself in. The informed an educated citizen has a better chance of voting for a candidate that will steer our country in the direction of justice and stick to constitutional rights. This book sky dives into morality as it relates to justice and laws that are part of the building blocks of what makes our society safe and great. A better book on the subject does not exist. It’s free, read it and educate yourself!55


Classic5 star

Unbelievable that historical writing such as the Republic, even when offered free of charge, only has 1 review prior to this... Where are all the informed citizens of this so called "Information age"?55

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