The Secrets of Mental Tennis

The Secrets of Mental Tennis Summary

Are you interested in learning how to become a better tennis player regardless of your ability? The Secrets of Mental Tennis is intended to serve as a framework and a point of reference that you can use to build your own mental and strategic plans that will help you get to the next level in your game and beyond.

For many players, the mental side of the game just means “positive thinking” and telling yourself to "focus." Focus on what? What should you be thinking and when? The mental part of the game is composed of several different aspects that work together .This program is designed to incorporate in a more methodical way all the intangibles of the game into the tangible aspects of it in order to produce measurable and consistent results. The book/program is divided into:

- Strategy
- Tactics
- Rituals
- Visualization
- Mental Toughness
- Emotions

It is my hope that after you read the book, you will have tools that you can easily implement in your game that will allow you to win more tennis matches!

Miguel A. Jimenez

Book Reviews


Decent Book...3 star

This is a good book if you already know the major fundamentals of the game. It confused a newer player like me. Otherwise, it's a good book.35


Great insight5 star

Amazing book, I learnt a lot from it.55

Chaz schoonover

Highschool tennis player5 star

A must read book! This book really helped me with the fundamentals of mental tennis. The author, whom gave his email at the start of the book, promptly answered my questions I had! Great read!55

The real JZ 4real

Tennis coach4 star

Good insight and easy to read. Tactics and strategies discussed are well described and insightful. The game is broken down in pieces and the information progresses seamlessly into other areas of the game. Good reference to hVe for coaching tennis.45


Tennis professional4 star

As a teaching professional I have used the tactics and strategies in Miguel's book to help my students improve both mentally and physically. The mental game is vital to helping my tournament players reach their maximum potential.45

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