The Solar System

The Solar System Summary

A visual guide to the planets and our local star system. This book describes each planet in detail, what the core's are made of, if the planet has a magnetic field and what satellites have visited the planet. 

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Really enjoyable5 star

I liked this book because it’s very educational and there isn’t really mistakes but if your studying science or astronomy this is the right book for you!55

Pamela chessboard

Ok pics. Some mistakes.2 star

See if you can spot the error in the section on the sun. Some of the grammar is wrong throughout the book. Sorry, it was free; I shouldn’t complain. And the spinning probes are pretty neat. I changed my mind—great book!25


Loved it5 star

Good read55

Nhek Ratana sambath

I love this book5 star

This is the best astronomy book ever55

In my favorites

Enjoyable & Well done; Great coffee table book5 star

Young or old, this book is a must have for anyone who enjoys science or nature. It's fun to flip through and gives a solid introduction to our Solar System. The images and diagrams are well done, and the information presented is clear and interesting. Yes, it's a beginner's book, but the contents are a direct result of numerous years of human exploration and natural processes, that are both relevant and awe-inspiring.55

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