The Souls of Black Folk

The Souls of Black Folk Summary

"The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line..."
W.E.B. Du Bois, one of the most influential thinkers, writers, and civil rights leaders of his time, wrote these prophetic words at the beginning of the century. This collection of essays (many originally published in the Atlantic Monthly) offers a sociological glimpse at the life of African-Americans just after the turn of the century. It is a powerful and profound look at race, identity, politics, and religion that greatly influenced the civil rights movement.

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It touched my heart and soul5 star

The stories related were given with such intensity of heart and drove home a truth about our humanity brotherhood and need to love one another regardless of our birth lot. All should read this!55

TA O'Cunnhain

Poetry or prose5 star

Dubois’ prose is like nothing I’ve ever read before. It almost outshines the rich content of the book itself if that were possible.55


The Souls of Black Folk5 star

Insightful about the past and helpful for today.55


Exactly what I needed to read5 star

I had so many questions, and this answered many. A century later, and this still resonates. Thank you!55


A foundational piece of reading4 star

Gave it a 4/5. I believe this book was a great read. Mid-Level challenging. The words that W.E.B. used made it obvious that he was very articulate in his scholarly ways, and he understood the times that were happening. Great for people who want to understand the problem with America today.45


The souls of black folk5 star

Phenomenal book very informative on the African post slave history55


GREAT5 star

Deserves all 5 stars!55


The Souls of Black Folk5 star

This book is must reading for someone who grew up in the South and who experienced some of the "late" struggles of black youth. It is a powerful history, one that presents realities we would like to pretend did not exactly happen that way, feelings we pretend didn't present themselves just like that and events we would say are shameful and remote and do not help to shape our black and white world today. It is relevant for everyone in these United States in our present time and in the time of our future families. Powerful.55


Profound Truth5 star

Dubois is a profound writer. It is amazing how much of what he said over one hundred years ago still reigns true today. The stories p, the history lesson, the breaking down of music, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Black people and the shaping of their character, thinking, and way of life.55


Wonderful book..5 star

I love this man!! Very in depth with the soul of black folk... Thank you mr. Debois55

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