The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew Summary

In Shakespeare's controversial but funny play-within-a-play, the foul-tempered Katherina has managed to keep any suitors away with her aura of nastiness. Her beautiful and demure sister Bianca, on the other hand, has no shortage of interested men, but the girls' father Baptista will not let young Bianca marry until Katherina finds a husband. In order to make Bianca available, her suitors begin searching for a potential match, and find it in the equally strong-willed Petruchio. He goes up against Katherina in a battle of the sexes, which, depending on your critical point-of-view, is either uncomfortably misogynistic or deliberately over-the-top ridiculous.

Book Reviews


All right4 star

I read this in eighth grade in english, I did enjoy this play actually. Lucentino is my least favorite character overall.45

Ninja engineer

Improved with age5 star

I like the story more now that I am older and married then when I was in high school. A delightful short read55

This book is awful

Awful1 star

This book is a boring long story that has no real resolution.15


No thxs1 star

Sounds sexist- plus just watch"10 things I hate about you" for the 90 minute version15


The taming of the shrew5 star

We are currently preforming this play in my English class. I have really enjoyed this play. Bianca and lutencio are probably my two favorite characters. I highly recommend for anyone who likes romance drama and comedy to read this play or preform it with a group of friends or classmates. Its a ton of fun!!55

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