The Ultimate Gun Book Volume One: By Gunz 101 Firearms Talk

The Ultimate Gun Book Volume One: By Gunz 101 Firearms Talk Summary

An intro guide for beginners and veterans on the purchase of fine firearms, as well as general knowledge about these firearms. I am not the owner or manufacturer of any of the firearms mentioned. This guide is to be taken as purely suggestion and general knowledge only. Enjoy!

Book Reviews


Conner Owens Sergeant5 star

United States Army. I am at Syracuse Utah South Ogden.55


Not a book at all…1 star

Zero stars …just a single picture, no written words whatsoever. What a bad joke. How is it that Apple allows a piece of garbage like this to get into their bookstore? C’mon Apple!!! Do you need to hire good competent people? Are you understaffed? This makes no sense at all. What a waste of time!15

Scott Yates

Garbage1 star

How did this make it into the ibook store?15


What the???1 star

This is a blank book with a few chapter titles and a few pictures but no text. This is a piece of junk, literally a blank book. How in the hell did this get on the iBooks store? An insult. If I could give it zero stars I would but 1star is the worst I could do. Is this author for real???15

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