The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887)

The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) Summary

It is quite comprehensive with numerous household hints and tips in addition to hundreds of recipes. it has all of that - but also more. There are sections on carving, dyeing or coloring, French words in cooking, House-keepers' Time-Table, Management of State Dinners at the White House, and Food for the Sick.

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Faithful christian

Cookbooks5 star

I like the part on dining etiquette. When reading this you need to remember that this from1887, not 2012. I really do like the recipes though. No real complaints.55


White house cook book5 star

The history of this book should be shared more often.i have heard of some remedies at Williamsburg Va. but not like this. This was very interesting, excellent book. It should have the highest rating known. Linda jones Arlington, Tx.55


White house Cookbook4 star

I used to own this book. I'm glad to be able to read this one. Thank you.45

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