Why We Should Go Vegan

Why We Should Go Vegan Summary

"An excellent concise statement of the arguments for going vegan."

— Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, author of Animal Liberation.

Magnus Vinding provides a comprehensive review of the many reasons to stop supporting the animal industry, and to instead transition toward a system that is less harmful for both human and non-human beings.

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Could've been better3 star

Don't get me wrong, I'm a vegan and agree with what's been written (for the most part) but just because most of what's said is correct doesn't make it a good book. Some data and studies were deduced incorrectly. For instance, when he mentioned algae having b12, he did not do his homework and realize its bioavailability is close to none for most strains and the pseudovitamin b12 in algae counteracts the bio-available b12 in other strains. Ethical reasonings given in the book make sense but were extremely circular. I can't count the times I read "it is obvious that" on any given page. Poorly structured book but his heart is in the right place. It just needed some extra editing and proofreading before publishing.35


All the info you need about veganism broken down perfectly!5 star

I've been highlighting excerpts from this book and posting it to Facebook, probably (definitely) annoying all of my Omni friends and family. Don't care! No matter how selfish a person is, there are so many reasons to go vegan. My new favorite book!55

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