Witchin' Impossible

Witchin' Impossible Summary

Small town. Dead bodies. Horny familiar. Hot high school crush. Just another day in Paradise Falls.
When FBI agent and witch Hazel Kinsey and her familiar Tizzy the Squirrel left the paranormal town of Paradise Falls, she swore she’d never return. She didn’t want witch and shifter politics to be a part of her adult life. Worse, she didn’t want to stick around and watch her high school crush, Bear shifter Ford Baylor, carry out the white-picket-fence dream of marriage and family with somebody else. 


She was never, ever stepping foot in Paradise Falls again... Until her best friend from high school calls and begs for help in solving a murder case getting colder by the minute. 

Hazel reluctantly returns to her own personal hell only to deal with more murders, rusty witch powers, a familiar hell-bent on hooking up, and uncooperative citizens. Throw in werebear Ford, who’s surprisingly single and hunkilicious, and Hazel has her hands full. 

Yeah. All she has to do is conquer her lust, corral her squirrel, save her best friend, and find a killer.

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