Works of Martin Luther

Works of Martin Luther Summary

Presents critiques of four works of the Nobel Prize-winning civil rights leader and guides readers through the process of analyzing them from different critical angles, including moral theory and historical, racial, and rhetorical viewpoints.

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Incorrect description and frustrating layout2 star

The description on this book says that is critiques of the writings of American Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. But it is actually the writings on Martin Luther, the German monk and Father of the Protestant Reformation who lived 200 years before America was even founded. Also, the book has no index or table of contents of the whole book that I can tell. You have to either read through it or flip through it to see which of his writings are in this book.25

Blue Gerbil

Embarrassing description5 star

I just wanted to point out that the description of these collective works is describing Martin Luther King, Jr. These are works by Martin Luther, the reformer. That's a little embarrassing, Apple.55

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