Yoga: 40 Exercises for Beginners

Yoga: 40 Exercises for Beginners Summary

Flexibility, balance, relaxation ... The benefits of yoga are numerous! These exercises for beginners enable you to practice this multifaceted discipline at home. They will help to relieve stress, strengthen your muscles and your mind so that you can focus on yourself and free yourself from tension.

Book Reviews

Ravi O' Li

True Blue5 star

I did this workout in hot yoga Bikram yoga and Colombia and it was awesome I will try to complete it again my own on the house.55


Not Yoga!1 star

This is not a yoga book!15


Intermediate5 star

Well done, good asanas and instructions.55


Free & keep scrolling4 star

Yes there is a short book before u reach the actual yoga manual but it’s there45


Not the book1 star

Romance novel downloaded! Not a yoga book.15


Romance novel1 star

Even the sample pics are of a romance novel. A filthy one.15


The book that downloaded is not the one I ordered1 star

It is a stupid romance novel!15

Yoga happy

Yoga book5 star

Great illustrations and descriptions Even if I look different it is very helpful to have a clear image to guide all yogi s55

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